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First Editions®  | Good Gardens Great Life

Transform your outdoor spaces with our select range of shrubs, exclusive to First Editions®. Let your creativity flourish and create an outdoor haven with minimal maintenance to truly match your lifestyle year after year. Discover our exclusive range of shrubs, offering eye-catching on-trend solutions for any outdoor space.

All of our products are subject to thorough engineering and testing, including performance and production trials, to ensure that growers can bring the First Editions® to market with ease. These rigorous trials are conducted before a new plant is introduced to the market, so that growers, retailers, gardeners and especially end users can have complete confidence in our products. First Editions® is the perfect range to compliment your customer’s outdoor lifestyle aspirations.

Choose from 75 hardworking shrubs that are ready to take center stage in your outdoor living. Each one has been chosen to give you a good garden and a great life. So, what are you waiting for? Get growing!